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Expectations & Projections

Common Franchise Industries by Year

Over the course of our research we have identified various industries and niches where a large number of business owners opted to franchise their business and likeness. One of the most common industries for franchises, food, continues to grow annually while there business-to-business and hospitality related businesses expanding into the franchise industry. As it becomes easier for more companies to enter the web hosting and online services fray, we expect to see a large shift in franchise and resale opportunities.

Additionally, we expect to see a rise in types of businesses which focus on online ordering, fast delivery, and online applications. There may even be a shift in how franchises are established in addition to new business models focused around crowdsourcing or other methodologies.

Common Sources for Funding

Based on the feedback our team has received by practicing franchisees which continue to operate their franchised businesses, we have identified a number of common methods used in order to raise the initial capital required to start their franchised business. Over time, we expect a larger portion of franchised businesses to stem from business owners which have direct experience within the particular industry. As a result, we expect more franchises to start from liquid capital or through miscellaneous means as businesses begin to embrace new strategies for raising capital.

These methods will include a mixture of venture capitalism, crowdfunding, and financing from franchisors looking to expand their franchise into new regions and areas. As more new franchises enter the industry, we expect to see innovations in how these new franchises attract franchisees, and what financial and marketing incentives they offer.

Annual Growth in Ranked and Unranked Franchises

Due to the results of our research we have identified a number of common trends and factors associated with franchises which showcase a higher growth rate and a higher overall potentially for future growth and expansion. Many of the featured franchises within our rankings have found their success through ensuring that while they continue to open additional franchised businesses within their brand name.

These franchises are facilitating that growth and expansion through marketing endeavors and continuing to add new products and services to their existing offerings. Many of these companies turn towards aggressive and unique online marketing and social media strategies which leverage engaging content in order to build a positive reputation with potential buyers in their area.

Time to Profitability

One of the major concerns that a potential franchisee has with selecting a franchise is how long it generally takes to see a profit monthly expenses. It is crucial to take into consideration not only the averages of franchised businesses operating under the franchise, but other variables based on where the franchise will be operated with and the type of audience most likely to have an interest.

By their very nature businesses can take a significant amount of time on top of the financial investment and operation to turn a profit where their total revenue exceeds their expenses during operation. It is also important to note that some businesses take a long time from the time of investment to even begin to generate revenues due to the requirements for operating the business.

Time to ROI Achievement

While it is possible to identify averages within the industry, there are a number of outside factors that can affect the amount of time it takes to make a return on the investment including the time of the year and how the industry is performing based on the target audience's needs or expectations.

While there is information suggesting usual averages within an industry, there are a large number of factors outside of an industry which can influence the amount of time it takes for a franchise to see a return on the initial investment. It is important to find a franchise which is actively advertising and marketing their brand and to ensure that the message reaches your target audience.

Franchise Spotlights

MOOYAH Burgers Fries Shakes

5212 Tennyson Pkwy., # 120
Plano, TX 75024

MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes is a fast-casual, better burger concept offering mouthwatering made-to-order burgers, French fries hand cut from Idaho potatoes, and real ice cream shakes. Founded in 2007, the Plano, Texas-based company serves fresh, lean American beef, all-natural Jennie-O turkey burgers, black bean veggie burgers, buns baked in-house daily, real cheeses and toppings made from garden-fresh veggies. In 2014, MOOYAH was named in the Entrepreneur magazine list of the top 500 franchise brands and ranked No. 12 in the Fast Casual annual Top 100 Movers & Shakers. MOOYAH Burgers, Fries, & Shakes is a rapidly growing fast-casual, “better burger” concept with over 100 units open in the U.S. and Internationally.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

10 Exchange Place 27th Floor
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Our franchise experience goes back more than 25 years. Today, Jackson Hewitt operates more than 6,500 offices across the country and Puerto Rico, including year-round neighborhood storefronts and seasonal high-traffic kiosks in select Walmart and Sears stores. Our proven business model captures millions of tax returns every year. Millions of hardworking people rely on Jackson Hewitt every year to make sure they get the biggest tax refund possible. As long as there’s income tax, you’ll have customers. Start with the ongoing demand for professional tax preparation, then factor in our strong national brand recognition and more than 25 years of franchise experience. Here are even more reasons to take the first step and discover the Jackson Hewitt difference for yourself.

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

71 S. Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606

We are a global hospitality company with widely recognized, industry leading brands and a tradition of innovation developed over our more than fifty-year history. Our mission is to provide authentic hospitality by making a difference in the lives of the people we touch every day. We focus on this mission in pursuit of our goal of becoming the most preferred brand in each segment that we serve for our associates, guests, and owners. We support our mission and goal by adhering to a set of core values that characterizes our culture.
The Hyatt Gold Passport guest loyalty program is part of Hyatt’s ongoing commitment to making our guests feel more than welcome every time they stay. Members can enjoy exclusive benefits, such as earning five points per eligible dollar spent to redeem toward free nights with no blackout dates, room upgrades and airline miles. There are two elite tiers providing members with even more privileges.

Grease Monkey Franchising

5575 DTC Parkway, Suite 100
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Our Less Hassle, More Hustle customer service approach is designed to help customers make educated, informed decisions about maintaining their vehicles in a comfortable, no-pressure setting. Grease Monkey’s Certified Pit Crews provide preventive maintenance services and light mechanical repair services that help customers meet vehicle manufacturers’ recommendations and warranty requirements. Grease Monkey’s car wash concept – Monkey Shine® – offers exterior vehicle maintenance services with in-bay automatic and express tunnel car washes. Monkey Shine® centers use the highest quality, most reliable equipment in the industry.