Evaluation Methodology

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Who We Evaluate

We identify and rank the best franchises.

FranchiseRankings.com conducts evaluations of franchise opportunities to help those looking to invest their money in a franchise find a reputable one. Each of the franchises that we evaluate offer individuals the opportunity to run a franchised business. Our evaluations delve into a number of different types of franchises including restaurants, professional services, and companies that provide franchises with specialized services. Each of the franchises and vendors featured in the rankings are exceptional brands that consistently produce successful businesses.

Ongoing Research

Determining which franchises to recommend requires ongoing research. Each month adjustments are made to the rankings based on the latest financial data, feedback from franchisees, and developments within the franchising industry.

Our Analysts

Bright minds shape our research.

To determine the franchises that are featured in our rankings we work with business and marketing analysts that understand the effort that is required to develop and operate a successful franchise brand. Each of our analysts have an exceptional depth of knowledge in how franchises operate and can see the signs of both successful and unsuccessful franchises. These analysts have worked with franchises in the past and have been involved in various roles in both developing the brand and marketing it to their local markets. This insight helps us determine which franchises offer the greatest opportunity.

What to Expect

Proven franchises produce exceptional results.

Those selecting a franchise from our rankings can expect a franchise that has strong brand recognition, an exceptional supply chain, and strong marketing support. While our recommended franchises might not be the largest franchises in the industry, they are growing franchises that have consistently achieved success with both ongoing franchised businesses and turning new franchised businesses into a success. In many cases they have shown innovation in their business model that sets them apart from others that might be serving in their niche.

On Site Franchise Verification

A close look at marketing processes.

Our research team is often invited to learn more about a franchise by having an opportunity to visit their headquarters. These visits afford our research team the ability to confirm information used during the evaluations and to verify the authenticity of a franchise's presence within the industry. Researchers will often speak with executive and marketing staff to learn more about their approach and culture. This ensures that the franchises being recommended through the rankings have a strong foundation and are invested in the long-term.

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