Evaluation Methods

It is our leading interest to assist business owners in finding truly reputable franchises based on a qualitative research process. With our aim being the research and evaluation of franchises we are constantly looking for new ways to benchmark and compare brand names. Our evaluation methodology consists of a variety of strategies to identify both a level of performance and behaviors which impact businesses. The process is used to create the research reports which are released on a monthly basis.


Through the course of our research we are constantly being introduced to franchises new and old. Through our involvement in industry events, publications, and our marketing initiatives we are meeting new franchises which impact the state of the franchise business industry. The evaluation process often begins with the simple introduction of a new brand within the industry. As companies grow and expand it becomes important to remain in contact with the decision makers and professionals which impact the overall quality of the brand names and franchises we evaluate.


In order to better understand the value each franchise brings to their customer it becomes imperative to perform an in-depth analysis of various aspects of their service. For each type of service being provided there are five areas of evaluation which are used as guidelines for both benchmarking and comparing franchises.


The independent research team spends time understanding how different franchises operate and the values franchise maintain amongst their businesses. We spend time attending and contributing to a large number of franchise conferences affording us the opportunity to get connected with those which choose to participate in conferences and industry activities. Our research team inspects those which contribute to the events through the form of speakers, training sessions, and attendance in addition to which contribute a booth or an advertising presence at various conferences and events.

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