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Who is franchiserankings.com?

franchiserankings.com is the leading provider of reviews and ratings on franchise opportunities. Our in-depth franchise analysis assists entrepreneurs interested in starting a franchised business in connecting with the leading franchises. We continue to expand our horizon into new industries and regions in order to better serve our growing audience.

How are franchises evaluated and ranked?

During our analysis of thousands of franchises we compare a number of different metrics through our meticulous evaluation process. During this time, we identify franchises which have showcased strong continuity within their growth and expansion by bringing on new franchise businesses whilst simultaneously maintaining those which they achieve. We look to recommend franchises which understand the importance of empowering their franchise businesses in reaching success in their marketings.

Our evaluation process aims to identify key strengths and competitive advantages of franchises across a number of different industries based on a set of evaluation criteria. The set of evaluation criteria consists of five key areas which our research team uses to benchmark and compare the leading franchises in the industry. Time is also spent connecting with franchise operators, business owners, and customers of the franchises in order to obtain their feedback.

What makes us independent?

franchiserankings.com is not affiliated with any public administrative agencies, government entities, non-profit organizations, or any organization which may impact or undermine its impartiality in performing the meticulous evaluations used to create the rankings each month. We have no financial or ownership interest in any of the companies which we rank from time to time.

How does franchiserankings.com benefit those searching for franchises?

Due to the nature of our service we are often introduced to the leading franchises which craft a strong foundation for growth and expansion. Our rankings consist of those which we have seen continued results and a history of achievements and success in their particular industry or niche. As a result, our visitors view a list of recommended franchises which have exhibited those key signs which we have seen, historically, have made for more successful franchised businesses. It can be difficult to find a franchise with the values, drive, and resources available to assist an investing entrepreneur in achieving success with their business. We offer our service as a means to assist our visitors in filtering out those which may not live up to the expectations a franchise should set for their investors.

How does franchiserankings.com benefit franchises?

We believe franchises which have set the bar high for excellence and growth should be rewarded for the hard work they produce for their franchised businesses. As a result, the franchises we feature in our rankings are highlighted to visitors in order to showcase their continued dedication towards offering those investing in the future of the brand long-term success and growth over time. While the franchises which we recommend may not be the best fit for every potential franchise investor, but these are the franchises which, in our opinion, have set the bar high for their competition and continue to innovate their offerings.

How do I apply for the rankings?

If you’re interested in applying for the rankings, feel free to click here.

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