On Site Franchise Verification

Franchise owners looking to gain additional recognition for their accomplishments can validate their claims through our on-site franchise verification service. We offer franchise owners the opportunity to take their evaluation to the next level by inviting us to visit their headquarters and learn more about their internal operations.

Through our on-site franchise visit we offer franchises the ability to showcase their key strengths and competitive advantages to our research team in a way where no other method can achieve the same results. During this process, members of our research team can spend time verifying the authenticity of the claims made by the franchise and get an inside look at the individuals involved with developing the brand name and policies which make their franchises successful.

We spend time during our visits connecting with individuals involved in management, marketing, and other areas of the core business in order to better understand their involvement in assisting their franchises in finding success. We also obtain a close look at how the company communicates with their franchises and how much attention is put into the finer details of day-to-day operations within their franchises. This provides us with insight which cannot be obtained through other means of research and analysis and offers franchises the opportunity to improve or strengthen their position within our rankings.

We invite all franchise owners to offer us an on-site visit to learn more about how their franchises operate and to facilitate a more open means of benchmarking and comparing franchises.

Franchises interested in being evaluated in their on-site location can start by filling out our contact us form located here.

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