Our Testing Facility


FranchiseRankings.com has developed a state-of-the-art testing facility to assist research staff with evaluating and ranking operating franchises. Our mission is to provide a safe and productive environment that encourages creative thinking while providing all of the resources needed to draw meaningful conclusions on the leading franchise brands in the industry.


Safety and security are two of our most important values. Safety protocols are put into place to prevent outside individuals from interfering with the research being conducted. Only certified personnel are allowed on the premises. Internal networks are secured by industry-leading security hardware and software to protect against intrusions and malware. Researchers and personnel are trained on basic computer safety practices and against common and uncommon social engineering strategies to protect the integrity of our research.


Our testing facility is equipped to provide researchers with all of the technology and resources to perform their analysis of franchises in the industry. In many cases this includes subscriptions to financial and research databases and access to industry-specific whitepapers and case studies. FranchiseRankings.com subscribes to a number of business research journals and publications to offer researchers a variety of data sources. Additionally, the network provided to researchers uses multiple Internet Service Providers to ensure redundant access to the Internet.


Researchers are provided a comfortable work environment featuring ergonomic equipment including chairs, desks, and computer accessories. Individual offices are provided with their own temperature control systems and both manual and automated lighting systems.

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