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I placed a review and my response back to it was about offense and had nothing to do with the fence when the company leaves you for 2 1/2 weeks without heat because the landlord or homeowner rather will not fix the furnace I’m still replacing the furnace filters every week and the landlord will not give me a refund on the filters even though the HVAC factual recommendations are advising against this and I can prove it but I am basically servicing his unit so it doesn’t break which I should just stop doing so it does break so he’s forced to do it I’m not talking about the fence that is missing I’m talking about the fence that is already present and that was in a part of my complaint my complaint is I have had to call for an issue every single month and have been treated unkindly for every issue that I’ve had including going to an a half weeks without heat in the middle of a winter storm is absolutely absurd because the ticket was marked as not a priority it was not a high priority it was not a emergency according to them obviously my children and myself were freezing and dealt with it the best that we could we had people bring in space heaters and we were still paying our bills and still paying the same rent but not receiving heat for more than half of the month and we received no credit for that and we did speak to people we did put in a service maintenance request and we were treated exceptionally and Kylie for it we were charged fees that I had to fight my butt off to get taken off of that we were unjustifiably charged I should’ve had to do that but I did I had to literally start calling every single hour not day hour to get them to respond I had to get my own occupancy permit because they didn’t put it in place first before we moved in I then had to start taking off work in order to implant this occupancy permit that they did not implant first before we moved in my son nearly face truancy at school because of this occupancy permit and no I was not given my salary amount for missing work in fact I took points at work for having to takeoff work for an unjustifiable non-medical reason. This company is exceptionally good for people who are homeowners or property owners that want to rent out their property they treat those clients exceptionally well for the people who are actual renters I again will state beware of this company you will not be happy with this company you will flip out you will not be happy with their services. If you continue reading you were read about the gentleman went more than a month are almost a full month rather without air conditioning during the middle of the summer he also put in a maintenance request this apparently this is common and happens all the time. When I posted my last complaint it was mostly about all of these other things and their response to me was about offense that is already in my contract that I’m permitted to enclose the rest of the fence that wasn’t finished I have no idea why they started talking to me in response to that fencing my issue with the very last complaint was that they have some sort of breakage in the back of the fence that’s already there on the property parent Lee they do not have effective or efficient workers that can even understand or legibly read that’s all I can say because not only did it not get fixed it’s still back there broke into places justice just as I originally suggested for the maintenance request but it was not something that I put on this performance rating in anyway but that’s what they responded with and then he gave me a link to put in a maintenance request the way I see it is they probably owe me let’s see I don’t know maybe tothree possibly four months worth of rent for everything that they have put me through it’s ridiculous beware of this company you will get screwed over by this company and essentially they are housing predominate slumlords only you don’t know who they are because they’re all hiding behind this company who is allowing them to. Provide refunds my brother is going to get involved I suggest they do the right thing

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