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Who We Evaluate

We identify and rank the best franchises.

Franchise brands which have earned the place in our rankings are brands which excellent brand recognition in their markets, solid marketing support, and a strong supply chain.

These are the award-winning brands that enable their franchisees to achieve success in their markets.

We evaluate franchises of all sizes and structures whether it is a small chain of regional restaurants or major brands with giant marketing campaigns attached to them. Our mission is to connect entrepreneurs with excellent franchise opportunities to help them make a better decision in which brand they select to represent as a franchisee.

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10 Years of Research

10 Years of Research

We have been evaluating and rating franchise opportunities for over ten years.

Since 2009 we have conducted ongoing research to develop our proprietary evaluation process. Our experts are always being introduced to new brands and developments within the franchise industry.

Monthly Updates

Franchising has seen major changes over the past ten years.

Our research is ongoing and takes into consideration developments within the market, the effect of online technology, and how different brands change over time.

Worldwide Presence

We evaluate and rank franchises in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Our rankings showcase the best franchise opportunities in each of those markets to help web users find the right opportunity for them.

Industry Connection

We work with franchise resources, conferences, and training programs to further educate entrepreneurs.

Our connection to the industry helps provide us additional insight into which franchises are actively growing.

Niche Research

Our rankings highlight the best franchises based on the type of product or service being offered.

These rankings help entrepreneurs find the right franchise based on what they can do best.

Franchisee Feedback

We offer franchisees the opportunity to share with us their experiences in operating a franchise.

Online reviews assist our research team in ensuring the brands we recommend stand solidly behind their franchisees.

Future Developments

Our website is always growing.

We launch new features, tools, and rankings to assist both franchises in getting the right message out there while helping franchisees find highly motivated franchises.

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