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The Rankings were established in 2009; we spend a lot of time in reviewing the performance of companies. The franchiserankings.com Rankings are based on the synthesis of internal research, we research, client reviews, on-site visits of companies, methodologies, proprietary solutions, and industry conference appearances.

Any Rankings are ultimately based on subjective opinions; our Rankings provide a glimpse into who we believe would rank first or second based on our exhaustive research process. We believe there is no single company that is the right fit for all potential buyers.

The Rankings are strictly our opinions based on our research process. These Rankings are based on aggregated ratings of factors which can be found in our evaluation criteria section. The Rankings are usually measured on a series of scores that we assign on five factors within each category.

The scores for each factor are assigned based on our analysis. Only the top scoring companies make a given list.

Please Note:

  • The Rankings only include companies that we cover with our analysis. There are certainly many more companies than the select few that are included in our rankings. We aim to cover the best providers and we will continue to add more over time. Please dont hesitate to let us know about a company you think we should highlight on our list.
  • We charge a standard fee from companies for our time to evaluate. If a vendor doesnt have the finances available and we deem them to be a star performer based on research done on another tool or service, we may still highlight them on our Rankings list. Companies may also commit funds towards the continued research and development and marketing of the franchiserankings.com brand to further assist buyers make more informed decisions.
  • The SmartRank Ranking methodology currently includes user reviews as a form of ranking companies. The SmartRank algorithm uses the reviews as a component to determine which companies should be added to or removed from the list. We want your opinions to count.

In addition to the five factors highlighted in each category we also have multiple soft factors which we use in our Rankings. Is the company a fly-by-night operator? Do they attend conferences? Speak at them?

Are they hiring employees or laying them off? Have they enabled us to talk to their customers and are they being transparent by showing us their results? We know that the best way to create useful Rankings is to get as many opinions as possible from customers of companies and users of these companies.

This is why we use the aggregated approach.

We hope you find our Rankings useful. We continually update them based on the latest reviews and information which we gather. As new companies are covered, they are added to the Rankings and affect how firms stack up against one another. Check back periodically to see how the Rankings are shaping up.

The franchiserankings.com Team


The franchiserankings.com Site offers subscribers a Forum consisting of a product and service ranking (RANKINGS), whereby Users may access recommendations of products and services determined by franchiserankings.com.

The information on our Rankings is provided as a source of information for a User and is our personal recommendation. You are recommended to do your own research and investigation before engaging services with any company regardless of their listing. You agree to not hold franchiserankings.com, and/or its parent companies or subsidiaries, and/or any members and/or any managers and/or any of our affiliates liable from any decisions they take. Furthermore, franchiserankings.com is not liable for any statements, representations, descriptions, comments, or opinions posted on the Site.

franchiserankings.com cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity, or quality of Rankings. Under no circumstances will franchiserankings.com or any third-party providers of the Rankings be liable in any way for any Ranking, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any Ranking/s, or any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of the Ranking/s.

All Rankings developed and posted by franchiserankings.com represent the independent opinion of franchiserankings.com, and are derived by virtue of franchiserankings.coms independent judgment, analysis, and subjective / objective criteria. By developing and posting such Rankings, franchiserankings.com makes no representation or warranties as to the accuracy or factual basis of the Rankings. Your use of the Rankings hereby acknowledges that you agree to perform your own due diligence in order to make well-informed decisions of your own. You hereby acknowledge that the Rankings are to be used as an instrument in making such decisions, but should not be viewed as an authoritative end-all to any evaluations.

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