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  • Accounting & Financial Franchises

    180 Accounting & Financial Franchises Companies

    If you’re looking for an accounting or financial franchise, the franchises listed in our rankings offer an exceptional brand based on past success for those looking to use an established brand to achieve credibility.

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    1. One Stop Tax - 0 Reviews
    2. H&R Block - 0 Reviews
    3. Liberty Tax Service - 0 Reviews
  • Advertising & Marketing Franchises

    156 Advertising & Marketing Franchises Companies

    These advertising and marketing franchises aim to provide their clients with the best results possible while offering aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to expand their offerings to new markets.

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    1. Our Town America - 0 Reviews
    2. Minuteman Press International - 0 Reviews
    3. Proforma - 0 Reviews
  • Business Consulting Franchises

    0 Business Consulting Franchises Companies

    Business consulting franchises help local businesses achieve success. Become a business consulting advisor and start your own service using an established brand name and leverage professional assets.

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    1. Brokerplan - 0 Reviews
    2. Business Steps - 0 Reviews
    3. Sandler Training - 0 Reviews
  • Business Service Franchises

    0 Business Service Franchises Companies

    Business service franchises focus on helping local businesses access the types of services their business is reliant upon. Our research team has compiled the brands that give franchisees the best opportunity.

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    1. Equitimax - 0 Reviews
    2. Crazy Printers - 0 Reviews
    3. PunctureSafe UK - 0 Reviews
  • Internet & Technology Franchises

    229 Internet & Technology Franchises Companies

    These internet and technology franchises offer a unique service to local buyers and business. Access our list to find a related internet or technology franchise that meets the type of business you plan to start.

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    1. CMIT Solutions Inc. - 0 Reviews
    2. Cartridge World - 0 Reviews
    3. Radio Shack - 0 Reviews
  • Staffing Franchises

    10 Staffing Franchises Companies

    Looking to start a staffing franchise? These brand name have an established reputation and offering marketing collateral and other resources to help their franchisees successfully start their own business.

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    1. Patrice & Associates - 0 Reviews
    2. Mom Corps - 0 Reviews
    3. Jomsom Staffing Services - 0 Reviews
  • Real Estate Franchises

    193 Real Estate Franchises Companies

    We know how competitive the real estate industry can be. These real estate franchises often provide agents with an established brand name and access to powerful resources to achieve competitive success.

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    1. National Property Inspections .. - 0 Reviews
    2. Assist-2-Sell - 0 Reviews
    3. Realty Direct - 0 Reviews
  • Building & Construction Franchises

    193 Building & Construction Franchises Companies

    Our rankings of the best building & construction franchises help construction professionals start their own business while enabling them to leverage an established brand to put their clients at ease.

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    1. Kitchen Solvers Inc. - 0 Reviews
    2. Outdoor Living Brands - 0 Reviews
    3. Closets By Design - 0 Reviews
  • Lawn and Garden Franchises

    6 Lawn and Garden Franchises Companies

    If you’re interested in starting your own lawn and garden business, these franchise brands have market value and a strong history. Leverage an established brand to make your own lawn and garden business a success.

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    1. Pet Butler - 0 Reviews
    2. Boulder Designs - 0 Reviews
    3. Weed Man - 0 Reviews
  • Cleaning & Sanitation Franchises

    44 Cleaning & Sanitation Franchises Companies

    Cleaning & sanitation franchises offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own cleaning business with the benefit of using an established brand name and network to obtain new clients and staff.

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    1. Anago Cleaning Systems - 0 Reviews
    2. Enviro-Master - 0 Reviews
    3. Mr. Sandless Wood Floor Refini.. - 0 Reviews
  • Home Improvement Franchises

    435 Home Improvement Franchises Companies

    Our recommended home improvement franchises are a great option for entrepreneurs looking to help homeowners renovate. Our research team’s analysis highlights leading and top contending franchises.

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    1. Kitchen Tune-Up - 0 Reviews
    2. ATC At Home - 0 Reviews
    3. Mr. Handyman - 0 Reviews
  • Home Maintenance Service Franchises

    694 Home Maintenance Service Franchises Companies

    These home maintenance service franchises help home and building owners with maintenance at their time of need. Ensure your new business will thrive with an established brand built on smart marketing.

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    1. Furniture Medic - 0 Reviews
    2. Oxi Fresh - 0 Reviews
    3. Five Star Bath Solutions™ - 0 Reviews
  • Automotive Franchises

    830 Automotive Franchises Companies

    The automotive sales and service industry can be a difficult industry to compete in. We rank the best brands that connect buyers with vehicles based on an in-depth analysis by our independent research team.

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    1. AAMCO Transmissions and Total .. - 0 Reviews
    2. Matco Tools - 0 Reviews
    3. Grease Monkey Franchising - 0 Reviews
  • Beauty & Fashion Franchises

    397 Beauty & Fashion Franchises Companies

    Our rankings of the best beauty & fashion franchises include brand names developed over time to entice buyers. If you’re looking to start your own beauty franchise, we recommend you start with our list.

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    1. Fleet Feet - 0 Reviews
    2. Clothes Mentor - 0 Reviews
    3. MY SALON Suite - 0 Reviews
  • Clothing & Shoes Franchises

    14 Clothing & Shoes Franchises Companies

    Interested in starting your own clothing or shoe franchise? These franchises offer memorable brands with a network of suppliers that can be the difference between surviving and thriving in a market.

    View Rankings
    1. Apricot Lane - 1 Reviews
    2. Just Between Friends - 0 Reviews
    3. Mainstream Boutique - 1 Reviews
  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning Franchises

    14 Laundry & Dry Cleaning Franchises Companies

    Looking to invest in a laundry or dry cleaning business? Our research team has identified the leading and top contending franchises that offer a trusted brand with additional resources for franchise success.

    View Rankings
    1. OXXO Care Cleaners - 0 Reviews
    2. Lapels Dry Cleaning - 0 Reviews
    3. FRSTeam - 0 Reviews
  • Pet Franchises

    173 Pet Franchises Companies

    Pet franchises offer a unique opportunity to give pet lovers the products and services that bring them closer together with their pets. Start your own franchised business with a brand that owners can trust.

    View Rankings
    1. Nature's Pet Market - 0 Reviews
    2. Wild Birds Unlimited - 0 Reviews
    3. Camp Bow Wow - 0 Reviews
  • Hair Salon Franchises

    9 Hair Salon Franchises Companies

    If you’re interested in starting your own hair salon franchise, the franchises in our list have a history of satisfied customers ready to speak volumes about the brand leading to new clients in new markets.

    View Rankings
    1. MY SALON Suite - 0 Reviews
    2. Roosters Men's Grooming Center - 0 Reviews
    3. Magicuts - 0 Reviews
  • Assisted Living Franchises

    8 Assisted Living Franchises Companies

    These assisted living franchises help those requiring assistance maintain an active lifestyle or offer a specialized lifestyle for those that need medical or emotional help during a tough time in their lives.

    View Rankings
    1. FirstLight HomeCare - 0 Reviews
    2. CarePatrol - 0 Reviews
    3. Senior Helpers - 0 Reviews
  • Hospitality - Hotel Franchises

    232 Hospitality - Hotel Franchises Companies

    Hotel franchises offer a unique experience to those interested in operating their own hotel. The franchises we recommend have powerful marketing behind their brand to be memorable to regular travelers.

    View Rankings
    1. Park Inn by Radisson - 0 Reviews
    2. Hampton Hotels - 0 Reviews
    3. WoodSpring Suites - 0 Reviews
  • Hospitality - Motel Franchises

    7 Hospitality - Motel Franchises Companies

    Our rankings of the best motel franchises offer franchisees opportunities to connect with budget conscious travelers with brands that carry a strong positive image for those looking for long-term lodging.

    View Rankings
    1. Econo Lodge - 0 Reviews
    2. Travelodge - 0 Reviews
    3. Days Inn Worldwide - 0 Reviews
  • Fitness Franchises

    795 Fitness Franchises Companies

    If you’re interested in starting your own fitness franchise, using an established brand can bring faster results. Check out these fitness brands that have already connected with a passionate community of fitness enthusiasts.

    View Rankings
    1. Parisi Speed School - 0 Reviews
    2. Fit4Mom - 0 Reviews
    3. Kosama - 0 Reviews
  • Spa Franchises

    5 Spa Franchises Companies

    Looking to provide your local market with the level of hospitality only a spa can provide? Our researchers have highlighted the brands that have a strong brand image within the spa franchising industry.

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    1. Massage Green International - 0 Reviews
    2. Massage Heights - 0 Reviews
    3. Planet Beach spray & spa - 0 Reviews
  • Travel Franchises

    114 Travel Franchises Companies

    These travel franchises aim to connect travelers with destinations and programs that will give them the complete travel experience. Start your own travel business with the right brand and marketing support.

    View Rankings
    1. FareConnect.com Inc. - 0 Reviews
    2. Million Air Interlink - 0 Reviews
    3. Cruise Holidays - 0 Reviews

Trending Benchmark Reports

Most Popular Agencies

  • Anago Cleaning Systems

    The Anago advantage is clear: you can count on your Franchise Owner-Operator to perform because his or her livelihood depends on your total satisfaction. Since 1989, Anago has been perfecting a successful system that leverages technology plus the pride of business ownership ...

    Core Services:
    • Janitorial Franchises
    • Cleaning & Sanitation Franchises
    View Profile
  • AAMCO Transmissions and Total Car Care

    AAAMCO franchisees benefit from joining a brand that has been in business for over 50 years. Our iconic, “Double A, Beep Beep, M-C-O” mnemonic brings instant recognition and trust from the American consumer. In addition to automatic brand recognition, AAMCO franchisees b...

    Core Services:
    • Automotive Franchises
    • Oil Change Franchises
    • Retail Franchises
    View Profile
  • Grease Monkey Franchising

    Our Less Hassle, More Hustle customer service approach is designed to help customers make educated, informed decisions about maintaining their vehicles in a comfortable, no-pressure setting. Grease Monkey’s Certified Pit Crews provide preventive maintenance services an...

    Core Services:
    • Automotive Franchises
    • Oil Change Franchises
    View Profile
  • Tim Hortons

    The Tim Hortons chain was founded in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario.  The chain’s focus on top quality, always fresh product, value, great service and community leadership has allowed it to grow into the largest quick service restaurant chain in Canada specializing in alwa...

    Core Services:
    • Fast Food Franchises
    • Overall Franchises
    View Profile

Agencies With Most Reviews

  • The Patch Boys
    out of 5.0 | 6 reviews
    • Communication


    • Responsiveness


    • Quality of Service


    • Value for Money


    • Achieved Results


    view profile
  • Top Ten Percent
    out of 5.0 | 4 reviews
    • Communication


    • Responsiveness


    • Quality of Service


    • Value for Money


    • Achieved Results


    view profile
  • MOOYAH Burgers Fr..
    out of 5.0 | 4 reviews
    • Communication


    • Responsiveness


    • Quality of Service


    • Value for Money


    • Achieved Results


    view profile
  • 5th Avenue Leads,..
    out of 5.0 | 3 reviews
    • Communication


    • Responsiveness


    • Quality of Service


    • Value for Money


    • Achieved Results


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Expectations & Projections
Common Franchise Industries by Year

Over the course of our research we have identified various industries and niches where a large number of business owners opted to franchise their business and likeness. One of the most common industries for franchises, food, continues to grow annually while there business-to-business and hospitality related businesses expanding into the franchise industry. As it becomes easier for more companies to enter the web hosting and online services fray, we expect to see a large shift in franchise and resale opportunities.

Additionally, we expect to see a rise in types of businesses which focus on online ordering, fast delivery, and online applications. There may even be a shift in how franchises are established in addition to new business models focused around crowd sourcing or other methodologies.

Common Sources for Funding

Based on the feedback our team has received by practicing franchisees which continue to operate their franchised businesses, we have identified a number of common methods used in order to raise the initial capital required to start their franchised business. Over time, we expect a larger portion of franchised businesses to stem from business owners which have direct experience within the particular industry. As a result, we expect more franchises to start from liquid capital or through miscellaneous means as businesses begin to embrace new strategies for raising capital.

These methods will include a mixture of venture capitalism, crowdfunding, and financing from franchisors looking to expand their franchise into new regions and areas. As more new franchises enter the industry, we expect to see innovations in how these new franchises attract franchisees, and what financial and marketing incentives they offer.

Annual Growth in Ranked and Unranked Franchises

Due to the results of our research we have identified a number of common trends and factors associated with franchises which showcase a higher growth rate and a higher overall potentially for future growth and expansion. Many of the featured franchises within our rankings have found their success through ensuring that while they continue to open additional franchised businesses within their brand name.

These franchises are facilitating that growth and expansion through marketing endeavors and continuing to add new products and services to their existing offerings. Many of these companies turn towards aggressive and unique online marketing and social media strategies which leverage engaging content in order to build a positive reputation with potential buyers in their area.

Time to Profitability

One of the major concerns that a potential franchisee has with selecting a franchise is how long it generally takes to see a profit monthly expenses. It is crucial to take into consideration not only the averages of franchised businesses operating under the franchise, but other variables based on where the franchise will be operated with and the type of audience most likely to have an interest.

By their very nature businesses can take a significant amount of time on top of the financial investment and operation to turn a profit where their total revenue exceeds their expenses during operation. It is also important to note that some businesses take a long time from the time of investment to even begin to generate revenues due to the requirements for operating the business.

Time to ROI Achievement

While it is possible to identify averages within the industry, there are a number of outside factors that can affect the amount of time it takes to make a return on the investment including the time of the year and how the industry is performing based on the target audience's needs or expectations.

While there is information suggesting usual averages within an industry, there are a large number of factors outside of an industry which can influence the amount of time it takes for a franchise to see a return on the initial investment. It is important to find a franchise which is actively advertising and marketing their brand and to ensure that the message reaches your target audience.

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Comprehensive Methodology & Analysis

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Our rankings are compiled of franchises which continue to produce successful business ventures through effective branding and marketing initiatives. We investigate the best franchises available to determine which franchises flourish when given the opportunity and which have historical success with producing businesses with a focus on-long-term growth and expansion.


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