Evaluation Methodology

We highlight the best franchises.

SmartRank™ Algorithm

Data-driven approach to finding franchises.

We have developed our SmartRank algorithm as a way to connect entrepreneurs with quality franchises.

Our algorithm uses real-time data to recommend franchises based on a number of different factors.

Those looking to start a franchised business can rest assured that our recommended franchises meet the mark due to the transparency of our approach.

Sentimental Factors

How a brand is perceived online is a great indicator for the quality of the products and/or services being offered.

We use sentiment analysis on social media and other channels to see what people are saying about the franchise and how they feel about it.

Review Factors

Feedback from franchisees.

One of the most powerful resources our algorithm takes advantage of is franchisee reviews.

Those which have operated or worked at a franchised business will understand the difficulties that can arise from it. Reviews help us highlight the franchises which stand out in terms of ease of operation, operational support, and will result in us highlighting the franchises that offer exceptional training and networking.

Engagement Factors

Invested franchises engage online.

Engagement is measured through the activities a franchise takes with their audience online.

Whether it is with buyers or with franchisees themselves, answering questions and responding to reviews shows that the franchise is invested in its public perception and offering an exceptional product or service. Our algorithm takes into consideration how active a brand is at engaging with it's audiences online.

Profile Factors

Timely and accurate information.

Our SmartRank algorithm also takes into consideration whether or not the franchises being evaluated have a complete profile on FranchiseRankings.com.

Companies that do not offer all of the information that they can will fare worse than those that upload as much as they can. This includes uploading key facts, a description of the franchise, and uploading common questions to the platform.

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