General Questions

Who is FranchiseRankings.com?

FranchiseRankings.com is the leading provider of reviews and rankings of the best franchises. Since 2009 we have been connecting those looking to start a franchised business with brands that have consistently achieved success in their markets. Our rankings help entrepreneurs in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

What makes FranchiseRankings.com independent?

FranchiseRankings.com is not affiliated with any public administrative agencies, government entities, non-profit organizations, or any organization which may impact or undermine its impartiality in performing the meticulous evaluations used to create the rankings each month. We have no financial or ownership interest in any of the companies which we rank from time to time.

How does FranchiseRankings.com benefit from those seeking a franchise opportunity?

Our rankings enable those seeking a franchise opportunity to find reputable franchises with a history of success in their markets. With thousands of brands offering an opportunity to start a franchised business there are a lot of brands that only provide minimum support to their franchisees. We help our users avoid those franchises by recommending them successful franchises that have a strong foundation.

How does FranchiseRankings.com benefit franchises?

Recommended franchises see a benefit in being recognized for their achievements as one of the leading franchises in their niche. This leads to those looking to invest their money being more interested in working with the recommended brands.

How can I contact FranchiseRankings.com?

You can contact us by using our contact us form located here, sending us an e-mail, or contacting us by phone at 1-800-874-2458.

Questions From Buyers

Are these franchises really the best franchises out there?

The franchises we recommend are the franchises, out of those we've been introduced to, that performed the best during an independent analysis. They are the franchises, in our opinion, the best encapsulate what a franchise should be and how they should support their franchisees.

Are there great franchises that are not in your rankings?

In some cases there might be exceptional franchise brands that we have not been introduced to. We are often introduced to new franchises through various conference events that we attend and sponsor.

How are these franchises evaluated?

Questions From Providers

How can I apply for the rankings?

If you're a new franchise that has not already signed up, you can find the sign up page at the top right. Registering your franchise means having a profile on franchiserankings.com. You can learn more during the sign up process on how to be considered for the rankings.

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