Client Review on Acti-Kare


This company is extremely unprofessional and incompetent. I hired a nurse to come watch me because I live alone and had deviated septum surgery. The nurse who came was extremely unfriendly, did not seem to care about me what so ever, couldn't even do a simple task of giving me food with the right utensils. I was instructed by my doctor not to do any physical activity and so I had been having my food cut up for me but when this nurse came she couldn't even do that or give me a cutting knife for chicken. She cooked food in the microwave then handed me a full piece of chicken and spaghetti with just a fork, as if I was going to cut the chicken with a fork. When I asked for a cutting knife she gave me a butter knife so I asked for one that's meant for cutting and she finally gave it to me, in an extremely slow manner like she could care less. When I tried to get her to leave because she was so awkward and didn't really say anything or offer to help me at all, she refused to leave. I had to call her manager and eventually she left 15 minutes after I tried to kick her out. I then have called acti kare on 6 separate occasions trying to get in touch with someone because I wanted a refund due to the fact that she was scheduled to be here on 3 seperate days for about 3 hours a day and I have been trying to get in contact with someone to tell them to not let the lady come back to my apartment as well. I left 4 voicemails and no one helped me and no one has reached out to me. The nurse from yesterday just showed up at my door and woke me up knocking. This is beyond the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. The nurse who came to help me certainly seemed to be judgemental of the fact that I'm white and live in a nice apartment in a high rise in downtown Tampa and because she's black it seemed like she looked at me as white privelage. When my friend came who's from Brazil, she said she got the same vibe and she felt like the lady was judging us for living in a nice place that our parents pay for. This company is beyond pathetic. Never use them!!! They are the worst!!!!

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