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By VIKY VIKY Apr 19, 2019



Jill promised a refund for services I did not receive on May 28th. She said someone would call back shortly to set it up. It is now June 29th and I have yet to hear back. Every time I call her office she is “unavailable”. I continue to leave voicemails and still do not get a call back.


Poor service!!!! Terrible place...do not go there! The manager Emanuel Salazar was very rude! They won’t tell you if you have any rust on oil pan plague gasket and did not want to clean the rust, then the manager, Emanuel Salazar, told me I need a new oil pan!


Been going to Grease Monkey for many years in Fairmont, WV. , owned by some guy named Marvin. I have been a business owner for over 30 years in Fairmont WV, and I have always placed a priority in treating customers with respect, unfortunately Grease Monkey in Fairmont does not believe in this practice. This particular store has damaged my vehicles on 2 different occasions, when confronted with these 2 different events I was treated like a criminal, cussed out, and disrespected like never before, both times over the phone, the owner Marvin was very lucky that he was speaking on the phone instead of in person, because if he had been in front of me he would have had his most terrible day he could have imagioned, he is a piece of scum along with his dirt bag redneck employees. I will never go back and encourage others to do the same. They are a bunch of big mouth dirty lying scumbags.


DISHONEST LYING SCAM ARTISTS- I went in for a simple oil change and had one break light out. I leave the denver hampden location with BOTH my break lights out and being charged for 4-wheel drive service when I specifically said DO NOT service me for 4-wheel drive prior. On top of that, everyone knows you do not need to come back in for service after a synthetic oil change every 3,000 miles. You are good for 6,000 miles so that little sticker is also garbage and a reminder of their greed in pinching every penny out of me.


Went to Grease Monkey yesterday in Omaha, NE. I had no problems with my vehicle. I paid $42 and left, 1 minute after leaving i felt power loss..came to stop light the blue smoke coming from exhaust, I immediately turn around back to Grease Monkey. They said that happens with my make and model (BS). My Mechanic analyzed the problem. They didn't change the oil filter or drain the oil - they just put more oil in!!


I will NEVER go to grease monkey again! I went in to get my oil changed and it ended up being $101!!! (Only cus they talked me into "the better oil") Until I went into grease monkey I have NEVER ONCE HAD A PROBLEM WITH MY BATTERY!!!!! NO ONE TOLD THEM TO CHECK MY BATTERY OR EVEN GLANCE AT IT!!!!! All I wanted was a freaking oil change and now my car can barely start!!!! Freaking ridiculous!!! Never again will I even CONSIDER going there or even recommend it. Then the guy had the nerve to tell me that he'll throw in the oil change for FREE because my battery was SO bad and he didn't want to see me on the side of the road! Are you kidding me!?!? I'm so angry about this! All they ever want is to take your money. If they REALLY wanted to help me then they would have just changed my oil and that's all. This company is awful.


Bought my own oil, ford filter, Had grease monkey change oil and filter. Charged me 42.00 dollars for service. 10 days later I notice oil leak in garage . Find out it is the oil filter leaking. They didn't tighten it all the way and I lost a lot of oil. And almost lost a new motor on a 2015 Ford Escape . Keep a eye on this location they maybe smoken wake weed.

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