Client Review on McDonald's


I Got Kicked Out Of The McDonald's Restaurant Located At 1500 South Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, California 92802 In Less Than Three (3) Minutes By Michael For Doing Absolutely Nothing Wrong!I took a bus ride 1.5 hours from Los Angeles to Anaheim to meet a friend who was picking ME up at the McDonald's by the Disneyland Exit and I was hungry and decided to go inside to order some food.Well as soon as I opened up the door and walked inside a strange man by the name of Michael comes up to ME and said, "May I Help You"? I found his Very Inappropriate Behavior As A McDonald's Employee Displayed Towards ME being a Legitimate Customer to be Quite Strange and I Immediately Told Him that I am a Customer like everybody else and wanted to just order Some Food.He immediately got Very Irrational, Aggressive and Rude with ME for No Good, Invalid Reasons and In Less Than Three (3) Minutes He Kicked ME Out of the restaurant along with my friend Jose Jordan.Please Note: I was barely in the restaurant for even three (3) minutes along with my friend Jose Jordan who is a Witness who saw the Whole Thing Right In Front Of His Eyes since he was Right With ME during this Very Short Altercation and/or Ordeal Coming From Your Employee, Michael at approximately 5:50 P.M. back on Friday, March 23, 2018 and I was Basically Treated As If I Was A Homeless Person even though I am Far From It and this Uneducated, Unethical Employee Basically Discriminated and Prejudiced Me For No Good Reasons.Enclosed, in the attachments, please find pictures that I took of Your Disgusting Employee, Michael for Your Review and Further Reference. I am Now Publishing Very Negative Reviews On This DISGUSTING EXPERIENCE and Will Be Contacting The Corporate Office And The Better Business Bureau To File Further Complaints!I am Very Angry and Upset over the Harassment and Embarrassment that I went through and Will Not Be Going Back To This Restaurant Anymore!Thank You.Sincerely yours,Howard Paul ShoreVisitorAngry And Upset And Pissed Off McDonald's CustomerJose Jordan, Witness/HPSEnclosures: Please See The Attachments For Pictures Of Your Restaurant and Store Employee, Michael For Your Review And Further Reference. Thank You.Enclosures: Please See Below For Published Negative Reviews On This Horrible Experience That I Have Encountered For Your Review And Further Reference. Thank You.

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