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to whon it may concern ,we have filed our taxes with H&R block for many years and never had a problem until this year we get a letter from the IRS for our 2011 taxes . they tell us that we have to pay the IRS $1992.00 all do to one of your employee not imputing unemployeement in, and since we did not pay for the peace of mind after already paying $325.95 to get our taxes done ,its not H&R's responsibility but they will pay $62.00 .i mean come on $62.00 out of $1992.00 when it wasnt even our fault it was one of your employees that messed up not us we gave her all the paper work she needed but didnt input it in right so now we are out not only the $1992.00 ,penaltys, interst on top of that .and we feel if your employee did her job right we would not be out all this money that we dont have and we will not be going back to any H&R block anywhere ever again .to us if a company as big as H&R block cant stand behind a long time customer then its not a place where we want to go anymore ,its all about the money with H&R block before they will stand up for a 10 year plus customer just aint right ,so after this you all will not just loss one long time customer but more just because they see how you all really are now either pay more money to us or we wont help you for one of our employees screw up and then tell us they will pay $62.00 and yet we still have not seen that ,so yes we are very unhappy customers and will never us H&R block again due to this BIG TIME SCREW UP BY ONE OF YOUR EMPLOYEER!!!!

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